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Maverick Software Consulting was created to address the unmet need in the tech industry of a hiring pipeline of skilled talent. Maverick addresses this need through a unique offering and business model which brings together top computer science and engineering students with companies needing cost effective solutions for development and testing work. Students, in their junior and senior years, work in a collaborative, teaching environment with their client, where they learn not only the technical skills of the job, but also the soft skills needed for success. As a result, companies benefit from the pipeline of skilled talent and can hire students full-time upon graduation.


Maverick provides a pool of top student IT talent, trained and ready to work for clients seeking to increase their staff. Maverick maintains this pool of talent through ongoing recruiting efforts and conducts phone screens and interviews to identify top talent. Once a student is selected by a client, Maverick handles all administrative tasks involved with new employees such as back ground checks, drug screens, pay roll setup and on-boarding. In addition, Maverick provides development, testing and client specific training and covers day to day management of the student. 


Maverick works with companies of all sizes, from the smallest of start-ups to large, global corporations, in any location across the U.S. Maverick can place a single student on a team, fill a development center with a group of students or work with a client to ramp up to any number of students over time. We customize our services to meet our client’s needs.



Maverick was founded in 2006 with one client and a team of 10 students from Mankato State University, Minnesota. Today Maverick has grown to over 40 clients, ranging in size from start-ups to global corporations, and 180 employees across seven states. Maverick recruits at over 100 colleges and universities across the U.S. and is proud to offer opportunities to students in smaller or more rural schools where internship opportunities may be limited.


In 2015, Hebig and his family expanded the company and moved headquarters to California. This expansion follows the continued demand for skilled tech workers on the West Coast and allows Maverick to focus on new client partnerships in that region.


Over the course of 10 years, Maverick has gone from working on only automated testing projects to development using the full Java stack, full Microsoft stack, web development and open source projects.   


Maverick has had a pretty huge impact on the students it employs. Of the more than 500 students who have graduated from the Maverick program, 100 percent have found full-time employment in the tech industry, with many at major companies such as Facebook, Google, Amazon, Microsoft, IBM, Symantec, Thomson Reuters and Cisco Systems.


In addition to our work with students and clients, Maverick is a huge supporter in the effort to encourage young women to pursue a career in technology. Maverick has been a proud and prominent sponsor of the MN chapter of the Aspirations for Women in Computing Awards and has been involved since the programs inception. The program recognizes young women at the high-school level for their computing-related achievements and interests.


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