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Maverick Software Consulting is looking for talented and highly motivated students to help our clients with their software
development and testing projects.


  • Self-motivated, quick learner, enthusiastic, and eager to apply knowledge
  • Experience with C#, Java, HTML, jQuery, CSS is a plus (not required)
  • Flexible schedule but should be able to work about 20 hours a week during the school year and 40 hours a week over the summer
  • Must be a currently enrolled student at one of the colleges and universities partnered with Maverick
Why Work for Maverick?

Real-life work experience is more important than ever for computer science majors, but finding a well-run, high-value internship program that results in a full-time IT job post-graduation can be both challenging and time-consuming.

  • Internships are typically off-campus, which can pose scheduling and transportation challenges
  • Even the best internships aren't guaranteed a full-time job offer upon graduation
  • Many internships are for short periods of time: a semester, summer or academic year which can make training rushed and leave students feeling like they've barely scratched the surface

Experience the many benefits of working for Maverick, including:

  • Interact with and learn from seasoned professionals from Day One
  • Substantial, long-term experiences
  • Get paid – and paid well – to learn on the job
  • Maverick jobs are flexible and convenient to the lifestyle of students
  • 100-percent placement rate after graduation
  • Gain real-world experience using cutting-edge technology
  • Work – and network – with like-minded students


Timothy Faraci - Minnesota State University, Mankato

I worked at Maverick Software Consulting for 2 years. I had two summers on site at Thomson Reuters as well as two winter breaks. The experience was extremely good. I was able to work on automating test cases for a year and being part of the bi weekly regression testing team as well as development for the next year. During the time at the Maverick office I was able to learn a lot more about IT technology as well as get help from my fellow coworkers/classmates on work related projects as well as those difficult class projects.

Eric Martell - University of WI, Madison
I had the opportunity to work for Maverick for a year during my undergraduate education at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Maverick truly bridged the gap between the introductory classes taught at the University and the development of enterprise software.  In addition to driving home good programming practice, the job taught a great deal about product life cycle, development specifications, and operating as a part of a larger team. After Maverick, a fellow employee and myself went on to start a software startup of our own based on the experiences we had working for MSC.  Our platform now powers 1000 restaurants in 25 cities, and is built primarily on technologies and practices that we learned on the job at Maverick.
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