Employee Testimonials

Kuldip Maharjan – St. Cloud State University
What sets us apart, in terms of our skill-sets, during our schooling and our professional career in industry is the level of involvement with the different tools of trade. In school we are just taught about the "stuff" that is needed to get inside the industry but it doesn't provide enough hands on experience. When asked in an interview - "Do you know about regression testing?", there will be a huge difference when you answer "Yes, I have learned it in my CSCI ###" and when you answer "Yes, I have done it for a year when I was a intern at Maverick". Being a Maverick myself, I firmly believe that the philosophy behind this organization to provide students the exposure to real world jobs, bridging the gap between school career and professional career, and giving students time flexible enough to do their homework and attend their classes, is phenomenal. I also believe that this is not only an opportunity for a student but even for the potential employers who want a recently graduated student with some experience in their hand.

Dan Falk
 -  Iowa State University
The internship is encompassed by expertise in Testing (with a focus on Automation), Agile Software Development (with a focus on Scrum), and Microsoft Team Foundation Server Architecture.

I worked for Maverick as a student at the end of my college career.  I loved the experience and the opportunities that Marty and Chuck provided us.  I'm a Senior Consultant for an IT consulting firm now and I am absolutely certain a huge reason why I got this job is thanks to my experience with Maverick. And now that I'm on the other side of the table, so to speak, I understand even more the value that Maverick provides.  Especially true of consulting companies, it's becoming harder and harder to hire young people straight out of college.  The inexperience in real world environments and gaps in the college curriculum are often simply too risky.  Maverick absolutely helps solve that problem in a big way.

Tyler Treat - Iowa State University

I worked at Maverick for a couple years. In that short period of time, I had built up a resume that could hold its own against someone who has worked in the industry for years, and that was by the time I was a junior in college. To say it helped kick start my career would be a gross understatement, and I've found in many cases, it's hiring managers who are vying for me—not the other way around.

Bao Nguyen - Iowa State University
Wow, what more could I contribute to the gratitude already presented by my colleagues and former colleagues? Real world experience, great pay, flexible schedule, win-win for everyone involved.

I joined Maverick's Iowa State University branch right after the Great Recession in 2008, and continued there until graduation in 2010. I think what has not been stressed enough in the comments are the people. I cannot stress enough how well we were treated by the founders and office managers. From the mentoring, to the team outings, to the free food, and the holiday dinners. It felt like a family. It is an invaluable network to be a part of because it prepares you for the future and continues to be an asset in your professional career.

Eric Martell - University of WI, Madison
I had the opportunity to work for Maverick for a year during my undergraduate education at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. As many others have indicated, Maverick truly bridged the gap between the introductory classes taught at the University and the development of enterprise software.  In addition to driving home good programming practice, the job taught a great deal about product life cycle, development specifications, and operating as a part of a larger team. After Maverick, a fellow employee and myself went on to start a software start-up of our own based on the experiences we had working for MSC.  Our platform now powers 1000 restaurants in 25 cities, and is built primarily on technologies and practices that we learned on the job at Maverick.

Dan Schonhardt - Minnesota State University, Mankato

This may seem a little theatrical but I like to look at my college life and career path in the terms of before MSC and after. Before I became a Maverick I was kind of lost as to what part of the IT field I wanted to jump into.  I was all over the board.  I took courses dealing with databases, programming, and networking.  I had no real direction and no real world experience.  But after I started at Maverick I felt a sense of direction.  I began working at developing real world experience and started finding out what I liked and what I didn't. I focused on software development and with the help of the Maverick program learned way more than I could have with just college classes alone. Marty and Chuck worked very hard to make sure the students in the program had the best opportunities and learned as much as possible.  I wouldn't be where I am today without the help of them and the Maverick Program.

Faizan Khan - University of St. Thomas

Working for MSC  became the basis of me securing my full-time job. My experience and knowledge learned at Maverick immensely helped me in my career. School only teaches you the ABC's of technologies, Maverick took it from there for me. This job actually gave me material to talk about in job interviews. And Maverick always picks good prominent clients to work for. For IT college students, this a great opportunity.

Anil Timilsina - St. Cloud State University

I cannot thank MSC enough for providing a platform for students like me to get valuable real life experience in the industry. My six months here at MSC in St Cloud have been a great learning experience. I completely support the idea behind this company and think that programs like these will drive the country forward by producing highly skilled and experienced workers right out of college. Besides, the on campus location and flexible (set-your-own) schedule makes the job even better. And there is always so much to learn from smart people and an awesome manager that surround you in the office.

Brad Jaffke - University of WI, Madison

I worked for Maverick Software consulting for nearly 2.5 years and I honestly cannot think of one bad thing to say about my experience there.  As previous posters have said a college student's experience in the classroom can only take you so far and only exposes you to the theoretical side of many Computer Science topics.  Maverick has seen that gap and taken full advantage of it.  The situation works out perfectly -- students get on-the-job training in the latest technologies and procedures and companies get a great source for graduating (but experienced) college students.  

In my time at Maverick I was exposed to so many different technologies that I never would have been exposed to in school.  This experience had a direct impact on my ability to secure a position as a Software developer straight out of college.  

In addition to the great professional experience enough cannot be said about the work environment at Maverick.  The office was less than a 10 minute walk from my apartment and the CS building on campus.  I was treated with the utmost respect by my peers, my manager, and everyone else at Maverick.  All of these things contribute to my belief that Maverick will continue to grow and be around for many years to come.  

Hussein Sharif - University of WI, Madison
I think the Maverick Software Consulting program is awesome.  It gave Comp Sci kids at UW Madison a direct interface into the world beyond graduation.  CS 361: Data Structures was ...cool, but I think the real hands on learning experience came from MSC. 

John Terrill - University of WI, Madison

I worked for Maverick Software for six semesters at the UW-Madison campus. After recently graduating, I can safely say my time at Maverick was one of my best college experiences. Most of my school courses felt like supplements to the projects I was working on at the internship. From my office manager in Madison to the President of Maverick, everyone treated me with absolute professional respect, but still pushed me to become the develop perI am today.

Here are the big things I took away from my time at Maverick:
- Unit Testing - I must have wrote 100's if not 1000's of JUnit tests. It blows me away the university never covers unit testing in any of their curriculum. As I wrote these tests I go to great experience coding as well as thinking about how to test code.
- Professional Work Environment - As I said earlier, the managers at Maverick treat the students as if they were full-time developers. It was the little things that stand out, like finding out who I should/shouldn't email when something goes wrong; attending daily stand up meetings; writing reports and keeping my team up to date on my progress.

The amazing part was in addition to all this great experience I was paid very well for a college student. I can't say enough good things about Maverick, and I certainly believe they'll be around for a long time for me to keep saying great things about them.

Timothy Faraci - Minnesota State University, Mankato

I worked at Maverick Software Consulting for  2 years. I had two summers on site at Thomson Reuters and as well as two winter breaks. The experience was extremely good. I was able to work on automating test cases for a year and being part of the bi weekly regression testing team as well as development for the next year. During the time at the Maverick office I was able to learn a lot more about IT technology as well as get help from my fellow coworkers/classmates on work related projects as well as those difficult class projects. 

Matthew Sinn - St. Cloud State University
My two semesters with Maverick at SCSU were, without a doubt, the most significantly valuable programming experience of my education. The opportunity to work on a project that, not only was several orders of magnitude more complex than anything I'd worked on for a class, but also spanned the entire process from design to deployment and maintenance, was invaluable; I was far better prepared to enter the professional workforce as a result.  No class (or combination of classes) provided by the SCSU curriculum would have encompassed the breadth of the practical programming experience I gained with the Maverick internship. That the office was on campus (a mere 5 minute walk from my dorm), and that they paid me to be there, was just icing on the cake.

Blaed Johnston - University of MN, Duluth

As a current Maverick employee I have to say that It's been an amazing experience. I am able to gain experience that I can't get in the classroom, and it is a great way to see what the field is really about. On top of all that, much of what I learn at work has helped me out a lot at school! I think that an internship should be an integral part of any cs program.

Duston Diekmann - Minnesota State University, Mankato
I was part of the Maverick program early on. Back when students shared desks, worked with a single monitor, and I got to tell my boss (who worked on my team) to do some work.  The company then even, when it was young changed my life. I was able to get real work experiences, at a decent wage for part-time work, and find what area in the IT field fit me.  I worked there a year and a half before accepting a full time position while finishing up my final semester.

My work there has helped me become what I am today as QA lead for my department. The principles and work ethics learned there have carried over, as well as what I require for output of my team.  

Since my time doing working at Maverick I continue to keep in touch with former Mavericks, as well as the owners, and look forward to seeing all the old and new guys at the yearly gathering for the Mankato branch.

Dale Cook - St. Cloud State University
I've been working for Maverick since their Saint Cloud office opened in September of  2011. In that time, the internship has been incalculably beneficial to myself and others. The internship brides the gap between the largely static content of college classes and the dynamic nature of businesses by facing students with varying real-world problems and letting student see how the product of their hard work is put to use. Maverick inspires students to more than just complete a test case as they would an assignment in class but to continue to learn independently of school and work.

Robert Bruening - St. Cloud State University
School can only prepare you for so much.  My  work at the St Cloud Maverick office did an outstanding job of preparing me for my current work.  It gave me a tremendous opportunity to develop real world professional software skills that the classroom simply can't teach.  I would recommend the Maverick program to any Computer Science student.

Amy George - St. Cloud State University
As a current employee at Maverick, I very much support  the idea behind the company. I'm currently working from the St. Cloud State campus writing scripts for automated regression testing and I feel like I've learned more about what's really expected from a software professional during my time here than I ever would have learned in school.

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