University of Wisconsin, Madison

About This Location

Maverick Software Consulting's University of Wisconsin-Madison office was opened in the fall of 2007. The Madison office currently employs 24 students who work on projects involving software development and testing. As one of the best nationally ranked schools for Computer Science, the University of Wisconsin is sure to provide excellent resources for your company.

Majors recruited from:
  • Computer Science
  • Computer Engineering
  • Software Engineering
  • Information Systems
Maverick Software Consulting

1020 Regent St
Madison, WI 53715

Type of Work

Build A Solid Foundation

Students at this location gain in-depth experience that consists of:

Professional Skills:

Strengthen interpersonal skills by meeting with project leads to discuss progress, sisues and other questions. Using email and chat applications with coaches and mentors to aid in troubleshooting issues related to development, testing, and project environment increases productivity, communication skills as well as improving working independently

Multiple Platforms:

Gaining technical skills by converting legacy code into an up to date architectural pattern for a web application. Utilize C#, HTML, CSS and JavaScript with the.NET framework within the Visual Studio environment. Team Foundation Server(TFS) is used for source code management.

Agile Development:

Using an Agile approach to software development we have daily stand-up meetings, as well as spring reviews with all teams to review the previous iteration.

Problem Solving:

Expand on their problem solving and critical thinking skills by debugging failures, analyzing/designing regression test scenarios and writing test scripts

Number of students currently enrolled in Recruited Majors

Number of students employed by Maverick since inception

Graduates obtained full-time jobs with over 65% accepting offers with clients