Benefits of Working With Us

Providing the Benefits You Need

Maverick Software Consulting handles all administrative tasks and day-to-day management of students so you can focus on your business priorities.

Our superior "Internship Management Service" includes:
  • Attending career fairs and recruiting across targeted regions

  • Screening applicants and providing top candidates to clients through our IT talent pipeline

  • Managing all verification and employment checks involved in your hiring process

  • Handling all management activities of students including training, work prioritization, mentoring, and asset management

Skilled Professionals

When you work with us you get productive IT talent that can make an immediate impact.


Students work on your team for 1+ years and are immersed in your company's technologies, processes, and culture.

Ready Faster

New graduates from Maverick are productive 6 months sooner than typical college graduates.

Employee Retention

Graduates hired full time by maverick clients have an employment retention rate of 89.5%.

Cloud-Based Training System

Our Cloud-Based Training System allows easy assignment, tracking, and grading of courses.
  • Training is focused on exposing students to real-world situations with courses including quizzes and hands-on exercises.

  • New courses are added regularly and can be customized to meet industry practices or unique customer needs.

  • Maverick's training courses provide students with the knowledge and skills needed for instant productivity to ensure you see results immediately.