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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Maverick Software Consulting?
The Maverick Software Consulting concept is simple. Maverick provides a pool of top student IT talent, trained and ready to work for clients seeking to increase their staff. Once a student is hired by a client, Maverick handles all administrative tasks involved with new employees such as background checks, drug screens, payroll setup, and onboarding. We also cover day-to-day management of the student.

Will I have a Maverick Software Consulting contact assigned to my company?
Yes. A Maverick Manager will be assigned to onboard, train and manage the student(s). This Manager is your point of contact and can address any questions or concerns.

How is a student selected for my team?
You tell us which skills you are seeking for your team, and we'll search our talent database and send you names and information for several students matching your needs. You have the opportunity to interview each of the students and select the one that best fits your team.

How does Maverick Software Consulting maintain a pool of top talent?
Maverick recruits and interviews students from universities across the United States year-round ensuring we always have a large pool of top IT talent.

What if things aren't going as I expected?
Contact your Maverick Manager as early as possible and communicate your concerns. The Manager will work with the student to correct the problem or issue and will be in regular contact with you regarding updates and progress. The student would be terminated if behavior or performance does not improve.

What kind of work can the students do?
The sky is really the limit. Our students can help on almost any project as long as they have someone to show them the ropes and help mentor them.

What if I'm interested in hiring a student but not ready to take that final step?
We're happy to talk through any questions, concerns or risks you have with no obligation or commitment to proceed. We can review your requirements, search our queue of students for a good fit, and share with you a list of qualified students (at no cost). This will give you a chance to see the process and decide if you would like to proceed.

Do you charge a placement fee?
No, there are no placement fees. That’s one of the big values Maverick brings to the table. We want to help you build your IT workforce and charging a placement fee would just add an obstacle to the process.

What kind of team resources do I need to work with the student?
It’s really the same process that you would follow for on-boarding any new employee that joins your company. Each new employee is most likely assigned to a Manager or Technical Lead/Contact; the process for Maverick students would be the same. The student would be assigned to a Manager / Technical Lead at your company. That person is responsible for helping the student get set up on the necessary systems (user accounts, source control, etc.), providing work direction, and mentoring on company-specific knowledge such as your coding standards, systems, and processes.

What kind of work is ideal for a student employee? What kind of work should I avoid having them do?
The students can really work on any project, but it’s best if they stay away from “Mission Critical Projects.” At the end of the day, they are still college students. School is still the top priority, and we never want to put a student in a position where they have to choose between school or work. We have never and will never ask a student to skip a class, so they can get more work done.

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