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Maverick Software Consulting hires, trains and mentors top computer science students, helping our clients build a pipeline of IT talent allowing you to focus on your business.

Build A Better
IT Staff for Less

Maverick software Consulting enables companies of any size to easily build their IT workforce. We provide a cost-effective source for software development and testing by giving companies access to top student talent from colleges and universities across the U.S.

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Maverick -vs- Staff Augmentation Companies

Maverick Software Consulting has a strategic focus on developing entry-level IT talent that aligns with our clients growth. We promote a learning culture with high engagement, our services are cost-effective, reducing turnover and fostering long-term efficiencies for our clients.

Long-term Investment in Workforce vs. Immediate Staffing Solution
Building a pipeline of entry-level IT employees is a strategic approach, where the client invests in the future of its workforce.
This approach aligns with the client's growth strategy and helps in creating a stable and predictable talent development cycle. It also fosters a culture of learning and internal promotion, which can lead to higher levels of employee engagement and satisfaction.
Cost Considerations
Developing entry-level talent is more cost-effective over time. Reduced hiring costs due to lower turnover rates, as employees feel more loyal to a company that has invested in their growth.
Maverick students hired by the client have between 1 to 3 years of experience in the company's specific technologies and processes, which can lead to greater efficiencies and lower operational costs in the long run.
Focus on Entry-Level Talent vs. Experienced Professionals
We are focused on entry-level talent development. We help individuals who are at the beginning of their careers. These candidates may not have a lot of practical experience, but they bring fresh perspectives and are willing to invest their own time to learn new skills.
The process of nurturing new talent involves structured training programs, mentorship, and gradual integration.

MSC Standard Internships Inefficient

We Do All the Heavy Lifting

Our superior "Internship Management Service" lets you focus on your business priorities while we take care of the administration and management of students. We do all the work by helping you find the right talent that will make an immediate positive impact on your company.

The Maverick Difference
Maverick's unique IT-hiring program delivers efficiency, quality, and a superior return on investment.
Instant Access
Year-round talent scouting and training to meet your IT needs on demand.
Simple Pricing
The right IT talent for flat hourly rates and no placement fees.
Top Talent
Channeling years of interview experience to identify top candidates with the skills needed for real-world success.
Low Risk
Try before you hire to find the right employees for your business success.
Year-Round Recruiting
We engage in year-round recruiting, ensuring that we are equipped to meet your IT needs on-demand.
Trusted Partner
Maverick Software Consulting has established itself as a trusted partner in the tech industry.

The Maverick Program is Simple, Easy & Perfect, says Ken Heckmann of Symantec

Ken Heckmann

Senior Manager

Let's Get Started
If you need help finding highly skilled talent to fill your IT roles and make an immediate impact, Maverick is here to help. Contact us today and learn more.

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