Long-Term Partnership with HomeSpotter Leads to Full-Time Placements

Employers, News | Wednesday, July 29,2015

Client Testimonial Series Featuring Aaron Kardell, Founder and CEO of Homespotter


Aaron Kardell, Founder and CEO of HomeSpotter, says the Maverick program increases their intern candidate pool from just alma maters of current employees to a vastly expanded network of candidates, allowing them to pick the best intern for the position.

What do you value most about your partnership with Maverick?

Maverick has been a great long-term partner to us, placing a number of key internship positions with us over the last few years.

What problem does the Maverick program help you solve?

In the past, we've primarily only been in a position to place interns from the alma maters of a few our employees. Working with Maverick allows us to vastly expand the network of where we recruit from.

What type of work do you have some of your Maverick interns work on?

We have had Maverick interns work on various activities from quality assurance to business analysis to development. Our developers work on code that ships to clients which is a great value add for us and a good opportunity for the interns as well. We've converted a number of Maverick interns into full-time employees which has also been a great progression for them and for us.

Why did you choose Maverick over other methods of recruitment available to use?

Maverick allows us to recruit from a much broader network of interns than we are able to ourselves.

How did you resolve any management concerns about bringing Maverick into your company?

At times, we have interviewed both from our own pool of interns and from interns Maverick is suggesting. This allows us to pick the best intern for the position.

What are the keys to success for a new company looking to partner with Maverick?

Don't set too low of expectations for the work that a Maverick intern can contribute. Set high expectations, make an investment in the interns success, and you'll be pleasantly rewarded.

About Homespotter:

Aaron Kardell founded HomeSpotter (previously Mobile Realty Apps) in 2009 to give home buyers an app that was easy to use and packed with information, all in an elegantly designed experience. In 2012, the company was named Inman's Most Innovative Real Estate Startup due in part to the company's exclusive augmented reality search and deep MLS integration capabilities.

Aaron Kardell
Founder and CEO