Maverick Software Consulting Expands to West Coast

News | Monday, May 04,2015

Nearly 10 years after embarking on a high-tech journey to tackle the IT talent shortage and provide skilled tech workers to companies struggling to fill IT positions, Maverick Software Consulting is now expanding its operations to the West Coast and is working with companies in California, Oregon and Washington.

Marty Hebig, President and Owner of Maverick Software Consulting, will manage and operate the new virtual site which officially opened last week.

“Our business model is pretty simple,” says Hebig. “Maverick provides a pool of top IT students, trained and ready to work for clients seeking to increase their staff."

"Maverick does this by recruiting, hiring and training top Computer Science, Engineering and IS college students on a client’s software development and testing platforms. Our clients love the program because students join their teams in their junior year of college, work on multiple projects over the course of several years, and graduate with up to three years of experience on the clients’ products, technologies and culture. Clients are able to build a pipeline of talent and have the first chance at hiring the students full-time upon graduation.”

This expansion follows the continued demand for skilled tech workers on the West Coast. “According to industry predictions, there will be one million more computer-related jobs than computer science graduates available to fill them within the next seven years,” says Hebig. Maverick is able to help companies address this problem by hiring top students, mentoring them to be successful team leaders and members, and providing real world development projects where students can build their problem solving and technical skill-sets.

The West Coast expansion will allow Maverick to focus on new client partnerships in that region as well as provide employment opportunities. Local students can build technical and soft skills while finishing college and become part of the tech talent pipeline.


Maverick Software Consulting helps companies build an IT talent pipeline by providing companies with skilled entry-level IT staff sourced from top colleges and universities from mroe than 100 campuses across the United States. Maverick recruits, trains and manages top college students year-round to work directly or remotely with companies experiencing a shortage of software development and testing talent at globally competitive rates.

After college graduation, the program also provides a pipeline of skilled and experienced IT talent already familiar with the company’s culture, employees and technologies. Maverick grads are productive three to six months sooner than typical college graduates, resulting in a reduction of labor costs associated with training new employees.

Maverick has steadily grown from a staff of 10 student employees on one college campus in 2006 to a group of 180 across more than 100 college campuses today. Of the more than 400 students who have graduated from the Maverick program, all have found full-time employment in the tech industry including at major companies such as Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft, IBM, Symantec, Thomson Reuters and Cisco Systems.

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