Maverick Software Consulting’s New Service for Startups Highlighted by MHTA

News | Tuesday, November 05,2013

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MHTA – Minneapolis-based Maverick Software Consulting has introduced a new service for startups and small businesses. The new option leverages Maverick’s knack for recruiting top college computer science students and pairing them with companies in need of tech talent, providing flexibility in the number of students as well as the timeframe and location.

“We understand startups and small businesses need more flexibility in the number of students and resources on the fly, and that they’re experiencing the tech talent crunch just as much, if not more so, than the larger organizations we’ve served for years such as Thomson Reuters and Symantec,” said Maverick Software Consulting founder and president Marty Hebig. “We’ve adapted the Maverick model by eliminating the upfront overhead investment and working remotely to bring the same level of students to startups that can be scaled based on their changing needs.”

Prior to the new service, Maverick Software Consulting interns worked with larger organizations from five physical Maverick office locations, or on-site at a client’s office. Now, Maverick provides from one to a dozen or more students for startups and smaller organizations, available to work remotely wherever they’re located. Maverick leverages its network of more than 70 universities including a partnership with Minnesota State Colleges and Universities (MnSCU) to find and match top computer science students remotely while handling all training, administrative and human resources tasks on behalf of their clients. Local startups that have begun working with Maverick students include QONQR, MobileRealtyApps and Conservis.

Maverick students focus on four areas including Java, Microsoft stack, web development and software testing. iOS and Android development is an area Maverick plans to begin offering in 2014.

Hourly rates are comparable to offshore contract resources, but productivity is higher, jobs stay local and the program offers students real-world internship opportunities while providing startups and small businesses a way to find and foster emerging tech talent. Maverick recruits and trains students year-round, so there is always a queue of qualified employees ready to start on projects. Maverick has a 100 percent job placement rate post-graduation when students are available for full-time hiring providing a seamless, efficient transition.