Maverick Software Consulting Profiled Because of Important Contributions in Building the IT Workforce

News | Wednesday, October 15,2014

Maverick Software mentorships provide valuable IT experience to students

Within the next six years, there will be one million more IT jobs then there are Computer Science students enrolled in college ( Even with an unbelievable amount of available IT jobs for Computer Science majors, many students will not qualify for them because of their inexperience. Maverick Software Consulting works to increase the number of qualified and able students by enrolling them in their internship management service.

Maverick Software Consulting recruits top Computer Science students from over 100 universities across the Midwest and Colorado, with 40 of them right here in Minnesota. Once a student enrolls in the internship program they are then matched with a company that mentors the student while they are still in college until one to three years after graduation. Throughout the mentorship students do meaningful IT work such as software development, software testing, system admin, and more for the mentoring company – not only does the student gain experience and skills the company builds their future workforce and gets work done at affordable rates.

Maverick Software Consulting bridges the IT talent shortage by bringing together talented college students with leading IT companies. Even though they have a large number of partners and university contributors, Maverick Software Consulting aspires to expand. They continually look for more companies and universities interested in participating. Getting involved is simple and straight forward, to learn about being involved, visit their website.

Maverick Software Consulting is a contributor to the IT Action Alliance, an MHTA-led coalition of technology-based employers aiming to close Minnesota’s IT skills gap. As part of its work, the Alliance has identified important contributors to building the IT workforce. We will continue to profile these organizations on If your company or organization is interested in being involved, please contact Tim Barrett (

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