Positions We Fill

Experienced Microsoft Developers

Experienced with C#, ASP, .NET, Visual Studio and more, our Microsoft Developers are sharp coders and flexible thinkers able to develop applications from the back end to the client end. With Maverick Software Consulting's collaborative environment and rigorous training, recruited developers are capable of quality maintenance, code organization, and other skills such as:

  • .NET Framework familiarity
  • Keen understanding of object oriented programming
  • Creation of reusable C# libraries
  • Understanding of all aspects of Common Language Runtime (CLR)
  • MVC and other popular web application framework experience

In addition to a solid foundation of framework, code skill, and experience, our Microsoft Developers are able to translate their knowledge into all aspects and stages of a project. From transforming use cases into functionaing applications to pinpointing bugs and solving issues, Maverick Microsoft Developers have the toolset necessary to see a project through to its conclusion.