Q&A Leadership Series: Chuck Sherwood, Vice President of Maverick Software Consulting

News | Monday, April 27,2015

What are your roles and responsibilities?

Over the nine years that I have worked for Maverick, I have worn many hats! My days are filled with many roles and responsibilities such as manager, recruiter, network administrator, mentor, problem solver, career planner and tester.

Managing an office for MSC has so many responsibilities; it is sometimes mind boggling. We recruit, interview and hire the best and brightest. As managers and mentors, we help students grow their skill sets and watch as they move on to amazing careers. It is fun to see the change in students from nervous, apprehensive and wide eyed to experienced and skilled employees.

What have been your previous interests and jobs prior to joining Maverick?

As a kid growing up, I wanted to be a paleontologist or a cowboy. Each of those careers looked really cool! After realizing I was not cut out for those fields, I decided to go to college at Mankato State University. I met Marty Hebig there and we became friends. We learned about the growing Computer Science industry while at MSU and I decided to pursue CS as my major. My first computer science job was working in the testing department at CWC (now FPX) here in Mankato. I enjoyed the testing area so much that I worked as a Test Team Lead or Test Manager up until joining Maverick.

How do you find the best college talent?

A few factors play in to finding and hiring the best college talent. Maverick has a big advantage of being right on campus. I attend recruiting events regularly and our on campus presence keeps us at the top of students' list of employment options. I also keep in touch with high potential candidates that I previously interviewed and bring them on as positions open up if possible. Lastly, Maverick is seen as one of the best college jobs in the area for computer science and IS majors and is highly sought after for the real world development and testing experience that students gain.

What’s your advice for students today who are interested in computer programming?

Just get in and do it. Pick up a language and start creating things. After that, start digging deeper and then try another language. You don’t have to build some huge system; just pick up what you can and run with it. Learn and build as you go.

How has Maverick grown and changed since you joined the company?

We started with 10 students, Marty and myself. We didn’t know if it was going to work but we knew we were going to have fun trying. The success of the company has been beyond what we expected and it still blows my mind to this day.

Today we operate five physical offices across the Midwest and have approximately 180 students currently employed. We’ve graduated more than 400 former employees, ALL of whom are in the tech industry! Most recently, we expanded out to the West Coast and are hoping to ramp up with more clients and students in that region.

It is obvious there is a need out there! For companies that are struggling to find and hire IT talent, let MSC help you find the talent. We have a proven track record that we can create a pipeline of entry-level talent that has the communication, collaboration and technical skills needed to be successful in any company!

What do you like best about working at Maverick?

As I mentioned earlier, this is my dream job. I get to work with awesome people doing something I love! From the students and other office managers to client partners and professors at the universities! I get to work with awesome people that I have known for years in an industry that is exciting and ever changing. I get to work with young people who are excited about the opportunities ahead of them and are excited to apply what they are learning in class to real world work projects and tasks.

Chuck and the Maverick Crew from Mankato