Rick King of Thomson Reuters Testified to the Minnesota House of Representatives About Maverick Software Consulting

News | Tuesday, February 19,2013

Rick King (COO of Thomson Reuters) testified for the Minnesota House of Representatives - Education Finance Committee.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013
Agenda: The World's Best Workforce Challenges facing Minnesota, Minnesota trends, Minnesota benefits and risks, World's best workforce characteristics, World's best workforce: pathways and strategies.

Summary: Top tech talent is very hard to find in the Twin Cities. IT is at full-employment in the Twin Cities. One of the strategies that Thomson Reuters has used to find and hire top tech talent is a partnership with Maverick Software Consulting. The good news is that it’s not an ask for money but and ask for creativity. 100% of the people that have come through theprogram have been hired in the IT industry. Thomson Reuters aggressively goes after these people to hire. It has been a very successful model and they look to expand it more in the future.

The full audio recording can be found here. Rick King's testimony starts at 03:01:30.