Software Testing Comes Full Circle for Maverick Alumnus Brandon Glaze

News, Students | Tuesday, July 14,2015

Maverick Alumni Series Featuring Brandon Glaze, Lead Software Test Engineer at Thomson Reuters


What companies have you worked for and what types of projects and technologies have you worked on since graduation?

Since I have graduated from college, I have worked at Thomson Reuters for six and a half years. My role started as a Software Test Engineer and through my time working here, I have been promoted to Senior Software Test Engineer and then to Lead Software Test Engineer. My major technologies I used when I was testing/coding was Java, J Unit, Selenium, SQL, and dealing with XML and comparisons. When I became a lead last year, I did less testing and coding and focused more on the people leading side. I now have a team of 13 (including a couple mavericks/interns) that I lead in testing multiple projects.

How does the type of work you are doing now compare to the work you did at Maverick Software Consulting?

What’s similar?

Before I was in my lead position, it was very similar in that I was testing components of a publishing pathway and verifying accuracy of the content. That was the same in both places which helped me grow in my college years. I did not have a large learning curve when I joined as a full time employee.

What’s different?

As you gain experience, you have more components/projects that you are on and that was different since I wasn't focused on a single project. Also, when I became a lead, it was completely different since I didn't do that at Maverick.

How has working for Maverick prepared you for the full time work force?

Working for Maverick helped prepare me by giving me the opportunity to work on major projects for a big company. I got to learn what it was like in the real world before I was there. It provides a similar working environment and Maverick helped me understand the real world a lot sooner than I would have otherwise. It also helps get your name out there to a company. If you do a good job, they have no reason not to try to hire you when you graduate if they have openings.

What skills do you use most often in your current job?

In my current job, the skills I use most often are my communication skills as well as people skills. My goal is to get information out to the people that need it and to make sure my team has what they need to create the information (testing results, bug reports, and so on). I personally want a team that knows each other and is happy to be on my team, so creating an environment where they can talk to me and speak their mind is what I strive for.

What advice would you give to students currently working for Maverick?

Take advantage of the opportunity because it is a great way of getting your foot in the door and making connections with people. The client you work for may not have an opening when you graduate, but people remember the impression you leave and that can come in handy if you apply later on. Sometimes, the people you work with email you when openings come up as well because they want you to work with them.

What are your future plans and goals that relate to your career and/or technology?

My future plans are to become a manager. I'm continuing to get experience as a lead and learning the ins and outs so I can one day move to that level.

What do you see as the biggest challenge facing the tech industry over the next 5 years?

The ever-changing world of technology is always a challenge because you have to keep up to date on things or else you will regret it down the road as it gets more expensive to maintain/support. Also, the growing demand vs. people to hire is always a challenge.