TECHdotMN Recognizes Maverick for Continued Sponsorship

News | Tuesday, November 11,2014

Thank You Sponsor: Maverick Software Consulting for Reinvesting!

It is important to recognize those who financially sponsor TECHdotMN because their contribution helps to advance Minnesota’s technology industry. Martin Hebig, President of Maverick Software Consulting and continued sponsor, shares his insight on the company and the MN tech industry.

Thank you Maverick Software Consulting for reinvesting!

What does Maverick Software Consulting do?

Maverick Software Consulting enables companies of any size to easily build their IT workforce by making it easy to work with IT Students (Computer Science, Computer Engineering, MIS, etc.) while they are still in college. We started Maverick Software Consulting because we saw local companies struggling to find enough IT Talent and wanted to prove that there is an incredible pool of untapped IT talent right here in the United States.

In 2006, as more and more companies were looking offshore for help, we figured if companies were able to send work half way around the world to India or China — why wouldn’t they be able to send that same work to IT students here in the United States?

We could price it about the same and the companies could hire the students on as full-time employees when they graduated.

When did it start and how?

I started Maverick Software Consulting in 1999. I was an independent contractor that would help local companies setup automated testing frameworks. In 2006 the focus of Maverick changed that’s when we started working with IT students. Maverick Software Consulting now has students and offices all over the Midwest and are in the process of expanding to the West Coast.

What is something unique about Maverick?

Maverick Software Consulting is really a technology company at heart. We’ve spent years building a secure, integrated, end to end platform to make it easy for companies to work with IT students (computer science, computer engineering, MIS, etc.) while they are still in college. At first we did this to help keep costs low. Now it’s one of our biggest competitive advantages and is allowing us to scale the business.

Why do you sponsor TECHdotMN?

Maverick Software Consulting is a local start-up and we want to help grow the start-up community here in the Twin Cities. We sponsor TECHdotMN as a way to help give back to the start-up community and they are simply the best at covering the local technology news. There’s no other resource that is as connected as TECHdotMN.

How could Minnesota’s tech industry improve from your perspective?

Companies shouldn’t just focus on recruiting at the big Computer Science Schools. There are brilliant IT students all over the Midwest that may not have the financial means or desire to go to one of the big Computer Science Schools. There is an incredible pool of untapped IT Talent right here in the Midwest that is just looking for a way to break into the IT Industry. Minnesota’s tech industry can help build the future IT workforce by offering more internships and part-time jobs for these students.

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