University of Minnesota, Twin Cities

About This Location

Maverick Software Consulting opened its doors at the University of Minnesota in September 2009. The 2200 square foot office employers 24 students who work at the office daily. More information about the Computer Science program and the U of M can be found here

Recruited Majors:
  • Computer Science
  • Computer Engineering
  • Information Technology
  • Management Information Systems
Maverick Software Consulting

1428 Washington Ave S #201
Minneapolis, MN, 55454

Type of Work

Build A Solid Foundation

Students at this location gain in-depth experience consisting of:


Working in a corporate culture across global teams.

Leadership Skills:

Leadership skills are developed based on roles and project assignments.

Interpersonal Skills:

Students strengthen interpersonal skills due to the collaborative nature of the work we do. Communication, both written and verbal are significantly developed. Opportunities are provided to improve accountability, initiative, and being proactive.

Quality Assurance:

Studens expand on their problem solving and critical thinking skills by creating thorough test plans and cases. Students use Selenium, Java and C# to automate these tests and report successes and failures in an Agile environment.

Software Development:

Students build on practical technical skill-sets by using the latest web development frameworks and languages such as:

  • HTM5/CSS3
  • Angular2
  • nodeJS
  • Groovy on Grails
  • jQuery
  • REST

Students expand on problem-solving and critical-thinking skills by debugging failures, analyzing/designing regression test scenarios, and writing test scripts.

Number of students currently enrolled in recruited majors

Number of students employed by Maverick at the U of M since inception

Number of projects completed annually for our clients

Employer Testimonials
Simple, Easy, Perfect. Says Ken Heckmann of the Maverick Program!
Client Testimonial Series Featuring Ken Heckmann, Senior Manager of Engineering at Symantec
Intern Profile
Maverik Student at University of MN-Twin Cities
  • Name: Madison Hennig
  • Degree Program: Computer Science
  • Planned Graduation Year Graduate, working at Medtronic
Madison's Picture